The Lord is my strength

Miracles happen in many forms.

Sometimes we are waiting to see a light,

To see the burning bush like Moses,

Or to hear the Lord’s voice like Eli,

And we keep on waiting every night,

But all is always so silent,

How many times have you asked God questions?

But you lose hope because he couldn’t reply.

You want to doubt,

But you remember the times He lifted you up,

The time you were weak,

But he gave you strength,

The time you were sick,

But he healed you,

Even doctors could not explain your healing,

Because it was a miracle.

I believe in God,

Not because he has spoken to me,

But because He came through for me many times,

Not all my prayers are answered,

It’s not that I’ve never suffered,

I have been through it all.

But I never gave up,

Because the Lord was and is still my strength!

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