The Quarters!

She was sixteen,

When her daddy passed,

She started to look past her sorrow,

Longing for a father’s love,

Someone to fill the hole in her heart,

That is when she met Derrick,

You see Derrick was 4 decades,

Older than her,

She had know her all her life,

His father’s best friend,

When she whispered in her ears,

“I’ve got you”

During the funeral,

She smiled for the first time since his death,

With no relatives left,

She sold her Daddy’s house,

Moved in with Derrick,

She thought this was the end of her sorrow,

Although it was just the beginning,

Every night she could see one or two men,

Going into the quarters,

It never bothered her,

Because Derrick made it a no go zone,

When she turned 18,

During her birthday party,

She walked towards the quarters,

One man appeared from her back,

Grabbed her into the room,

In the shock, everything was happening so fast,

It was 50 shades of grey,

That is the day she broke her virginity to a stranger,

And that was the beginning,

Of her many visits to the quarters,

She wanted to stop,

But she was hooked,

It led to many nights of tears,

Feeling of being lost in a world she could not understand,

She wanted something better for her life,

How was she going to rescue herself?


To be continued……

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