Let’s save the world!

On 5th June will be world environmental day! I decided to write a poem on climate change and mitigations. I am currently doing my masters in Renewable Energy Technology. This has really enlightenment me on climate change and pollution. There is so much we can do on our side to change the environment. The future is in our hands. If we do not act now, things will get to a point of no return. GIGO, garbage in garbage out. That is how the environmental system works. What we feed it is what we get in return. The cyclones, floods and drought will continue unless we act. Do you part in saving the environment.

We have taken so much from you,

But the more we take,

The more we suffer,

But why do we continue to be selfish?

Not thinking of the future generation,

What will become of them,

After we have destroyed the environment.

Imagine waking up to bare land,

With no trees,

No crows to wake you up,

No chirping of crickets,

Dirty sewage discharge running across the streets,

Misty dark fog blocking your view,

Would you love it?

What about running out of oxygen?

We are 15 years away from this,

If we do not act,

Most of us will live to experience it,

Not only the future generation,

It seems like nobody cares,

Industry discharge waste in the rivers,

Where are the bodies who are assign to protect us?

If they can’t act,

Be the somebody,

Who makes the change!

One tree at a time,

By proper waste management,

By enforcing renewable energy use,

By reduced movement using fossil fuel,

One train is better than 500 cars on the road!

We can conquer!

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