He approached me with a smile,

Stopped to say hi!

He was cute,

I was single,

Ready to mingle,

He asked for my number,

Put it on a paper,

Winked at me as he walked off,

That moment,

I knew something was off.

I did not give it much thought,

I could not judge a book by its cover,

We had our first date at the park,

We had a second date at the museum,

Then a series of date all over the town,

Two month later,

He went on his knees,

“Will you marry me?”

I said yes!

But i knew something was off,

I was in love,

I took him to my parents,

We had a merry wedding,

With only my relatives and friends,

He introduced his best friend,

Said he was an orphan,

That we had our whole life to know each other,

I was scared,

But more excited,

To feel that something was off,

Then came the honeymoon,

We boarded a plane,

Never told me the destination,

He wanted it to be a surprise,

We arrived at five star hotel,

Until now, my brain can’t comprehend much,

I woke up in a hospital,

My body was aching,

All over sudden,

I knew something was off.

It turned out,

That I was raped,

My kidney was missing,

I loved him,

I would have given my kidney if he had asked,

The policemen were trying to trace him,

But there were no records on him,

As I lay in the hospital fighting for my life,

I was angry for ignoring my voice,

Which kept saying,

That something was off.

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