The pain was unbearable,

Cutting through my stomach,

Like a sharp sword,

I thought it was poison,

Who could do that to me?

I did not have enemy that I knew of.

I called my mother,

Everybody that I loved,

In case it was the last time I would see them,

I thought of all the things I would miss,

The events I’ve been postponing,

I thought of my love,

Who would be with him when I’m gone?

When I was all he ever had,

I felt sorry for him,

Every passing minute,

Felt like eternity.

Lost in the pain,

I could hear the doctor saying,

You are in labour!

I thought I was dreaming,

It was all an illusion,

How could this be possible?

At 40 years,

We had done everything to be parents,

Nothing worked,

So we accepted our situation,

To be childless.

I woke up hours later,

To see my lover carrying a baby,

It is a boy!

I thought I would be ready when this day came,

I was lost,

Confused and amazed at the same time,

It was not a dream,

Hours ago I was a barren woman,

That is what they called me everywhere I went,

Now I had a new name,


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