When I saw her in the room,

I knew she was the one,

She didn’t recognize me,

She was absorbed in her book,

Waiting for her turn to be interview,

I wanted to say hi,

But the setting wasn’t right,

I took my seat calmly,

Because I believe in destiny.

I still remember the first day I saw her,

She took my breathe away,

Her curved sexy lips,

Her long curly hair,

I wanted to get lost in it,

You will think am crazy,

But she was on a bill board,

Holding a cup of milk,

I wished she was mine,

But that was all to it,

Because I didn’t believe in destiny.

Now she is my wife,

I know you are wondering how it happened,

It is destiny,

That day I saw her in the room,

I never said a word to her,

I could not face her,

What do you say to your future wife?

When you are not sure,

That she believes in destiny.

It turned out,

We were both hired,

What were the chances?

I did not want the job,

But I stayed because of her,

I know you will think am crazy again,

She was the first to say hi to me,

I stood there staring into a face,

Not knowing what to say,

That was the beginning of our journey,

Brought by destiny.

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