The broken egg

I need a surgeon,

To open up my chest,

To heal the pain in my heart,

It won’t go away,

No matter how hard i try,

I need a judge,

To help me decide,

If I should stay or leave,

I want to forgive you,

Create new plans for the future,

Go on a holiday like we always do,

I want to laugh with you,

But every time i hold your hands,

I see his face,

Every time you say that you love me,

Goes a sharp pain through my chest,

I want this to work,

But i don’t know how,

Not to hate you,

Even if i decide to let go,

How will i ever trust you?

You have robbed me of my best friend,

You paralyzed my heart,

In a moment,

All our dreams faded,

Just like a broken egg.

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