New beginnings

I am shaking off any shit in my life,

I have a clearance sale,

Letting go of anyone,

Who means nothing to me,

I am washing away,

All the fears,

That have stopped me to prosper,

Fear of failure,

Fear of not being loved,

Fear of being judged,

I have said yes,

To things I hated,

I have been too afraid,

To let my voice be heard,

I held on to nonsense,

For a long time now,

I have endured friends,

Who are there just to floss,

It is my time to blossom now,

And I cannot carry anymore,

Baggage that keeps dragging me down,

The load has been too heavy,

But I kept holding on to it,

Like my life depends on it,

Am still the same weight,

But I feel 20 pounds lighter,

I’m bouncing off the ground,

Gravity can’t hold me no more,

I’m starting new,

And this time,

I will be the only one who matters.

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