I love every bit of me,
I love my big cut eyes,
My full lips,
My big round nose,
My hips that don’t lie,
I love my tiny waist,
My long locked hair,
My inner beauty is as good as my outer beauty,
I might not be the most beautiful girl,
But I am happy being me,
I am content with God’s art

Don’t get me wrong,
I still apply a lot of make-up,
I still buy nice clothes,
The shoes,
I am addicted to good one,
Sometimes I change my walking style,
To be in rhyme with the song in my head,
I get wild and dance like a crazy woman,
I shout when I can’t hold it in,
I change my accents just to fit in,
That doesn’t mean am not beautiful.

Every woman is beautiful,
Whether natural,
With a wig,
Short dresses,
Or covered up,
Nothing should define us,
Not what we wear,
Not what we do for fun,
There is so much beauty in us all,
Our choices have got nothing to do with it.

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