Cry Mama

You have made me cry so much,

The times you threw tantrums in public,

And I did not know what to do,

The time you stuck your head through a window frame,

And I could not remove you,

The time I lost you in the mall,

And no one had seen you,

For the times someone said I’m a bad mum,

The time you broke my phone,

And I was too broke to buy a new one,

I was furious,

But you were enjoying the beat from my phone,

Not knowing the wrong you have done.

But I also cried,

The first time you called me mom,

I cried the day you took your first step,

I cried the first day I held you in my arms,

It was the best feeling in my life,

I always cry every time you hold my hands when I’m feeling down,

I cry when I see you get an award,

I cry when you sing for me the simple songs you love,

I can’t control my crying,

Tears of joy! Tears of sorrow!

Sometimes I can’t explain why am crying,

But I never want to stop crying for you!

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