“We were civilized by white people,”

Those were the words of my history teacher,

Are we really civilized?

When we vote for leaders based on our tribe,

We let them squander public funds,

With no development to show for it,

The judges have their cut too,

Yet, when a poor man steals bread,

They are jailed for 10 years.

We go back to the ballot boxes,

Vote in the same leaders,

Who have failed to fulfill,

The promises they made to us.

How are we civilized?

Yet we have systems that do not work,

We were promised a good future,

If we get education,

Unemployment rate is alarming,

We are busy cramming formulas,

Yet the best education is what we had,

Before all the civilization,

When we focused on practicality rather than theory,

We have killed each other due to politics,

Hated and abused each other on social media,

Is this the independence our fore fathers fought for?

I feel tired of all that I have experience in this land,

Where is love?

If we can’t find it, Why can’t it find us?

The rich keeps getting richer,

Yet the poor are stuck,

With nothing to eat,

We can blame the government all we want,

But we are all to blame,

Nobody forced us to fight against each other,

We are so educated,

But deep down we are walking robots,

With slight coding,

We turn into monsters.

Revolution! Revolution!

The youth keep fighting,

But when offered some money,

They forget about their mission,

Some continue fighting,

But they are not audible,

Their voices are hidden by twitter memes,

Which are used to ridicule every situation,

What’s funny about corruption?

When billions go into our leader’s pocket,

And we are left suffering.

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