We are run by rules

Rules meant no freedom,

If only I could sleep all day,

Be free of all the duties,

If only I could plan my day,

Then I wouldn’t have to go to school,

If only I could eat anything,

Then I would forget about greens,

All I wanted was freedom,

Which meant doing anything I wanted,

Anytime I wanted to.

Rules run the world,

If I sleep all day,

I will have nothing to eat,

If I refuse to work,

I will rot in poverty,

Every government is run by rules,

If I follow them,

Doesn’t mean am not free,

It means am disciplined

The Lord is my strength

Miracles happen in many forms.

Sometimes we are waiting to see a light,

To see the burning bush like Moses,

Or to hear the Lord’s voice like Eli,

And we keep on waiting every night,

But all is always so silent,

How many times have you asked God questions?

But you lose hope because he couldn’t reply.

You want to doubt,

But you remember the times He lifted you up,

The time you were weak,

But he gave you strength,

The time you were sick,

But he healed you,

Even doctors could not explain your healing,

Because it was a miracle.

I believe in God,

Not because he has spoken to me,

But because He came through for me many times,

Not all my prayers are answered,

It’s not that I’ve never suffered,

I have been through it all.

But I never gave up,

Because the Lord was and is still my strength!

The Quarters!

She was sixteen,

When her daddy passed,

She started to look past her sorrow,

Longing for a father’s love,

Someone to fill the hole in her heart,

That is when she met Derrick,

You see Derrick was 4 decades,

Older than her,

She had know her all her life,

His father’s best friend,

When she whispered in her ears,

“I’ve got you”

During the funeral,

She smiled for the first time since his death,

With no relatives left,

She sold her Daddy’s house,

Moved in with Derrick,

She thought this was the end of her sorrow,

Although it was just the beginning,

Every night she could see one or two men,

Going into the quarters,

It never bothered her,

Because Derrick made it a no go zone,

When she turned 18,

During her birthday party,

She walked towards the quarters,

One man appeared from her back,

Grabbed her into the room,

In the shock, everything was happening so fast,

It was 50 shades of grey,

That is the day she broke her virginity to a stranger,

And that was the beginning,

Of her many visits to the quarters,

She wanted to stop,

But she was hooked,

It led to many nights of tears,

Feeling of being lost in a world she could not understand,

She wanted something better for her life,

How was she going to rescue herself?


To be continued……

Let’s save the world!

On 5th June will be world environmental day! I decided to write a poem on climate change and mitigations. I am currently doing my masters in Renewable Energy Technology. This has really enlightenment me on climate change and pollution. There is so much we can do on our side to change the environment. The future is in our hands. If we do not act now, things will get to a point of no return. GIGO, garbage in garbage out. That is how the environmental system works. What we feed it is what we get in return. The cyclones, floods and drought will continue unless we act. Do you part in saving the environment.

We have taken so much from you,

But the more we take,

The more we suffer,

But why do we continue to be selfish?

Not thinking of the future generation,

What will become of them,

After we have destroyed the environment.

Imagine waking up to bare land,

With no trees,

No crows to wake you up,

No chirping of crickets,

Dirty sewage discharge running across the streets,

Misty dark fog blocking your view,

Would you love it?

What about running out of oxygen?

We are 15 years away from this,

If we do not act,

Most of us will live to experience it,

Not only the future generation,

It seems like nobody cares,

Industry discharge waste in the rivers,

Where are the bodies who are assign to protect us?

If they can’t act,

Be the somebody,

Who makes the change!

One tree at a time,

By proper waste management,

By enforcing renewable energy use,

By reduced movement using fossil fuel,

One train is better than 500 cars on the road!

We can conquer!

You got me!

Today is not like any other day,

Today I have failed many times,

Nothing seems to work,

I lost my job,

But at least I can still count on u

Today I got to know am adopted,

After having a big fight with my folk,

I feel like my life is has been a lie,

There is void in my heart,

But at least I can still smile at you.

Today my best friend betrayed me,

Getting between us all the time,

She claimed she was jealous,

Now I lost my best friend,

But at least I can still count on you.

Today I woke up tired,

With no creativity in my mind,

No Idea of the plans for the future,

I feel like a failure,

But at least I can say we are a success!

The Evil One

Everybody needs you,

We are all fighting for you,

How lucky are you be?

Life without you is so hard,

Yet when you give a lot of attention,

You destroy lives,

You divert their attention,

From the important things,

A little taste of your affection,

Can never be enough,

I have been chasing you,

But you have been running from me,

The more I get,

The more I want,

Even after being told,

Over and Over,

That I don’t need you to be happy,

But it seems most of the things that make happy,

Have to be bought,

That is where you come in.


I have waited for so long,

For miracles to come by my way,

For my situation to change,

For the closed door to open,

And let the light shine on me,

For help to come by,

I have cried so much,

Hoping it would touch the Angels,

To come and assist me,

During this time of need,

Maybe they will sympathise with me,

Everyone since to have got it right,

Except me,

Where do I go wrong?

They told me it is not my season,

Yet I’ve done everything to season my life,

Where else will I go,

If God does not rescue me!

Can somebody hear me

Have you ever felt so low?

The feeling of emptiness inside you,

You try to smile,

But you can’t find a reason to,

You try to talk it out,

But you can’t find someone to listen,

You call the help line,

Just to get someone to listen,

To remove the burden,

The feeling of a failure,

When comparing yourself to your peers.

Harsh words crossing through your mind,

“You are useless”

“You are an idiot”

“I hate you”

All the cruel words you have been made to believe,

Even though you have made it in life,

Those words still haunts you,

They just can’t let you be happy!